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Blogging - How to Get Started?

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Several people have asked me how to blog and get a style, so this is a brief attempt to share a few thoughts around see one, do one, and be one.  Thanks Ryan Rutan for the nudge.

Consider reading and searching around the internet, on-line resources, books, magazines or libraries.  What I mean by that is: simply spend a few minutes reading content from industry experts, peers or your mentors.  This can give you context on styles you relate to and/or inspire you.

Secondly.  Just do it.  Most organizations encourage learning. If you are reading this, you can look into wordpress to post a blog, so all you need to do is create a blog title, write down a paragraph, run spell check and post.  Don’t over think it.  Just do it.  Take a few moments to share something you have recently shared over the telephone with a family member, customer, business associate or partner and try to ‘capture it’ in words.  If you can’t do that.  Record yourself or ask someone else to do it.  Actually I find it is a good opportunity to self-reflect and learn about your communication in general if you listen to yourself speak or present.

Seek peer input. I often find that if I ask for feedback that I will get it.  What I mean, is be explicit with your friends, family, staff, peers or your management.  Ask them to carve out time to give you their candid feedback on what they would do if they were you, who influences their communication approaches and/or areas they see as ‘development opportunities’ for you to consider.

Have a blogging best practice that has worked well for you to make you a better blogger?  Take a moment and share them below.

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