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Human & Robot: Friends or Foes in the Digital Age?

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Two years in a row, supporters like you have helped bring our ideas around social business and innovation to SXSW Interactive by voting for our sessions in the yearly PanelPicker process.

Thanks to you, we brought Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih on stage with Renee Brown (SVP/Director Social Media, Wells Fargo) in 2013 and then last year had Jason Suen (Director, Global Customer Success, Hearsay Social) lead a discussion with Patrizio Spagnoletto (Head of Digital, Farmers Insurance, @patospago).

Next year, we want to take Clara’s expertise back to SXSW, but we need your votes!

Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2014

Maria Klawe (President, Harvey Mudd College) and Clara Shih (CEO, Hearsay Social) in a session at Fortune Brainstorm Tech this summer.

Across the business world, not just in the financial services sector, organizations are grappling with the rise of increasingly intelligent technologies. The question on everyone’s minds is how this affects the human element so closely tied to business. An expert in social business and technology innovation, Clara will be sharing unique insights you won’t hear anywhere else:

Does technology replace humans or supercharge productivity? Clara Shih, CEO at Hearsay Social and board director at Starbucks, will share her vision of a working world in which technology both replaces and enhances human capital. While we can imagine how disruptive drones and self-driving cars will affect transportation and hospitality, changes in other sectors seem less clear. For example, will there still be a human element in retail? And how will technology disrupt the work done by relationship managers like financial planners? Drawing from her experience working with a diverse set of Fortune 500 companies, Clara will illustrate where the world is headed.

If this sounds like a session you’d like to see at SXSW next year, then head over to the SXSW PanelPicker. Voting opened up this week and runs through September 5th, so get voting!

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