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Traffic Hacking, Revenue Models and Competing in Crowded Markets

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Catering to the SaaS niche market, Lincoln Murphy provides tips and tricks to SaaS for marketing and growing their product and business. He has over 6 years of experience helping SaaS companies acquire customers, convert them, retain their attention, and grow their business.

SaaS providers are often startups with small marketing budgets, and his blog shares tips and tricks that you won’t get anywhere else.

Lincoln also blogs from his company site - Sixteen Ventures, but the content is useful and relevant. Here’s his outlook for 2013:

“If you’re a SaaS or Cloud provider in the Email Marketing, CRM, Project Management, File Sharing, Collaboration, Marketing Automation, Analytics… or frankly, most horizontal product categories…it’s time to do some deep soul searching, market analysis, and customer development to figure out why you exist.”

Here’s the link to his personal blog:

Here’s the link to his SaaS blog on Sixteen Ventures:

I also highly recommend visiting his profile on SlideShare as well: 

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