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Your Secret Marketing Weapon

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Want to know a low cost, highly effective way to convey your company story and image? Here’s an often overlooked secret: team photos on your website and social media pages. Displaying your team’s photos allows current and potential customers to get a visual understanding of who you and your company are. Good photos will convey an accurate image of how relaxed, fun, serious and/or professional your team is compared to your competitors. Bad photos on the other hand…well, you can imagine!

What’s more, team photos do not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Find a photographer with the right experience and work with them to come up with a concept that captures your company vibe and fits your budget. By the way, simple ideas like shooting against a textured white or brick wall can really help keep costs low and visual interest high.

Another tip, the idea of a photo shoot will make some people nervous so think of ways to break the ice. For example, plan the shoot as a social/team building event and bring some (non-alcoholic) drinks and snacks to make it fun.

Don’t miss this simple opportunity to give your company the right image. It’s one of the lowest-cost but most overlooked ways to tell your story in a way with your audience can easily relate.

 Note: DZone had a similar event... We all wore our burgundy and purple robot t-shirts for the team photo.  In hindsight, taking the team photos and the 'action' photos in the same day was a bad idea because we were all wearing the same t-shirts in the action shots.... Either way, it was a fun event!

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