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Clickable Form Labels For Safari And IE - Prototype Version

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        // Clickable Form Labels for Safari and IE - prototype version
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function fixFormLabels(){
	var labels;
	// enable for IE and Safari
	if( document.all || navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Safari") > 0){ 
		labels = document.getElementsByTagName("label");
		$A(labels).each ( function(label){
			Event.observe(label, "click", function(){ 
				var target = $(this.getAttribute('for'));
				// Checkboxes or radio button labels
				if(target.type == 'checkbox' || target.type == 'radio')
					target.checked = target.checked == false ? true : false;
				else // Textareas and input fields, Select elements

// execute the script when the page has loaded
Event.observe(window,"load", fixFormLabels);
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