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Diffrenet Methods To Logging In MVC 3.0

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        Logging is one of the most useful services that every production website should have.

When errors occur on your website you should be notified about them. Whilst you may think you have written perfect code and unit tested everything to the best of your ability errors can and will still happen. The database server may go down, a 3rd party website may be offline, the shared hosting environment of your website may suffer an outage, a previously undetected bug may occur and the list goes on.

Having a great logging system in place allows you to stay on top of errors when they do happen.

In this series we will be building a logging reporting system that will allow you to drill into the various events that get logged on your website.

Following are the different Logging Module
 MVC Logging Part 1 – Elmah []
 MVC Logging Part 2 – Health Monitoring []
 MVC Logging Part 3 – NLog []
 MVC Logging Part 4 – Log4Net []
 MVC Logging Part 5 – Model and Data Layer []

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