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Intergrate an rss feed to Wordpress Dashboard

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add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'remove_dashboard_widgets');
function remove_dashboard_widgets() {
     global $wp_meta_boxes;
     // remove unnecessary widgets

     // var_dump( $wp_meta_boxes['dashboard'] ); // use to get all the widget IDs

     // add a custom dashboard widget

     wp_add_dashboard_widget( 'dashboard_custom_feed', __('News from', 'sagive'), 'dashboardSelectedFeedDisplay', 'side', 'high' ); //add new RSS feed output

function dashboardSelectedFeedDisplay() {
     echo '<div class="rss-widget">';
          'url' => '',
          'title' => 'Example Site Welcome Title',
          'items' => 2,
          'show_summary' => 1,
          'show_author' => 1,
          'show_date' => 1,
     echo "</div>";

A great, Easy to use function which enables you to intergrate an RSS feed into a wordpress website dashboard...

Very usefull to web-designers and website managers looking to stay up to date!

Also this function would locate your RSS widget on the top left corner of your WP site dashboard