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Visual Studio 11 Getting Some UI Updates in The RC Build

The Visual Studio Blog - Visual Studio 11 User Interface Updates Coming in RC With the release of Visual Studio 11 Beta back in February of this year, we...

0 replies - 3323 views - 05/09/12 by Greg Duncan in Articles

Internet Explorer Continues Its Reign Over Firefox, Chrome, and Safari According to 2012 Q1 Data

An amazing thing happened last month. I was at DrupalCon in Denver. It’s a Woodstock of open source-oriented developers who reliably asked me,...

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Getting And Parsing 10x10

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Snippets 2 Launches!

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Indian Employees Enjoying Swiftest Pay Hikes

Indian employees were at the top of the heap worldwide when it came to salary hikes in 2007, averaging increases of 15.1%, with the highest pay raises in real...

1 replies - 1372 views - 02/20/08 by Tony Thomas in News

China invites Indian IT firms to build cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai

China has invited Indian IT and business process outsourcing companies to set up more units in its IT parks and build them up at par with those in cities...

0 replies - 1912 views - 02/18/08 by Abhay Bakshi in News

Autodesk to increase research work in India

SAN FRANCISCO, USA:  The $ 1.8 billion Autodesk, a global digital design software company, is planning to shift some of its R & D work to India in the...

0 replies - 1441 views - 02/14/08 by Tony Thomas in News

NIIT Tech adopts new model to boost profitability

MUMBAI, INDIA: Software services firm NIIT Technologies Ltd is looking at a subscription-based business model to boost revenue and improve margins, a senior...

0 replies - 1435 views - 02/14/08 by Tony Thomas in News

Indian employees to get highest salary hike in 2008

Indians working with MNCs are slated to get the highest salary hike of about 14 per cent on an average across the world in 2008, as firms readily adopt...

1 replies - 1717 views - 01/24/08 by Tony Thomas in News

Snippets 2 Launches!

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Getting And Parsing 10x10

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