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Announcing MetaWareJ 4.1

MetaWareJ™ is an open source framework for creating web-based and Android business applications dealing with data input, validation, auditing and...

0 replies - 123 views - 09/26/14 by Kostas Papadopoulos in Announcements

Eclipse's BIRT: Update from 2.6.2 (OSGI) to 4.3.1 (POJO)

In an Java application eclipse's BIRT in the version 2.6.2 (as runtime version) is used as report engine for some years and needed to be updated. Because the...

0 replies - 648 views - 07/17/14 by Kosta Stojanovski in Articles

Using Approval Testing for ELMAH.MVC Project

During the ELMAH.MVC 2.0 preparation I had a bit challenging task. As I mentioned, I was about to adopt some code from ELMAH.Sandox project. The 2.0 release...

0 replies - 3467 views - 06/16/12 by Alexander Beletsky in Articles

Simplify Syntax with Extension Methods

Extension methods were first introduced with LINQ in C#3.0. They are just a syntactic construct, but as we’ll see in this post they can make a huge...

0 replies - 3242 views - 05/16/12 by Anders Abel in Articles

.NET 4.5 Baby Steps, Part 5: Some More Interesting Blocks

Introduction We have seen the IDataFlowBlock, in three different implementations and now we will look at a few more. BroadcastBlock<T> In the...

0 replies - 3162 views - 05/15/12 by Robert Maclean in Articles

Analyzing S#arp Lite - Tasks

This is a review of the S#arp Lite project, the version from Nov 4, 2011. So far, we have gone over the general structure and the domain. Next on the list is...

0 replies - 2598 views - 03/07/12 by Ayende Rahien in News

Zend Framework 1.11 : Storing Data In Mysql Database Using Plain Old SQL

0 replies - 4380 views - 04/07/11 by Kalatravas Kostas in Uncategorized

Get Access Via Annotatio

0 replies - 2279 views - 02/22/10 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Introduction to JOODAMP Framework for Bulk data processing

This article gives a brief introduction about JOODAMP (Java Pooled Data Multi Processor ) framework which started from scratch....

7 replies - 14130 views - 02/20/09 by pradeep Duraisamy in Articles

Internet Explorer - Operation Aborted - Mootools

0 replies - 5735 views - 08/13/08 by John Griffiths in Uncategorized

Get to know "Merb"

Merb is a lightweight MVC framework that is becoming popular among rubyists. Its claim to fame it that it is flexible. Its agnostic to ORM frameworks,...

0 replies - 6682 views - 06/12/08 by Shashank Tiwari in News

Automating Zend MVC Structure

0 replies - 6460 views - 03/17/08 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Very Simple Script Using Dojo Widget And I/O

0 replies - 6932 views - 10/17/06 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized


0 replies - 762 views - 03/28/06 by Hans Zimmer in Uncategorized

The Camping Short, Short Example

0 replies - 7465 views - 03/28/06 by Hans Zimmer in Uncategorized