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Destroy Cookie while Logging out.

I was facing a problem where while a person logs out his session is invalidated but the JSESSIONID still remained in the browser. As a result while logging in...

1 replies - 5162 views - 08/15/13 by Shiv Kumar Ganesh in Uncategorized

Misconceptions regarding Java heap size arguments

There seem to be some misconceptions regarding the Java Heap size arguments.For those who don't know, Java is...

0 replies - 931 views - 05/06/11 by Brian Noll in Articles

JEE Service Locator

0 replies - 3126 views - 06/06/10 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Launch Jboss With Remote Debug Enabled

0 replies - 29615 views - 11/30/06 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized