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Atom / RSS Feed Of Your GMail Account

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Eliminating Sites From Searches

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Quick Aliases For Common Searches In Firefox

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Month Day Year Smart Dropdowns

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Firefox 7 Beta Continues Mozilla's Updating Blitz

Following a routine that gives users a new version of Firefox every 6 weeks, Mozilla has announced a beta of Firefox 7, which will use as much as 50 percent...

0 replies - 25327 views - 08/21/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Firefox Drops Version Numbers

Today, Mozilla's community coordinator Asa Dotzler announced that future Firefox users will not be shown their browser's version number. Despite complaints and...

8 replies - 26834 views - 08/16/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Microsoft Awarding $250,000 for New Security

Microsoft announced today that they will be awarding a total of $250,000 in prize money in a competition to create new security technologies for preventing...

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Daily Dose: CouchDB 2.0 Released, introduces UnQL

On Friday, the second version of the Couchbase Server was revealed. The new server should "be easy to install and manage, and will bring new indexing and...

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Daily Dose: Google's New "Page Speed Service" Cuts Page Loading Time

Google has created Page Speed Service, an online service designed to help speed up the loading time of web pages. The service obtains content from your...

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Daily Dose: Oracle Vs Google Update

Oracle, who is suing Google for patent infringement related to the use of Java in their Android OS, was told on Friday to scale back their damages claim,...

0 replies - 22235 views - 07/24/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Java 7 Webcast to Unveil Latest Innovations

Tomorrow at 9:00 am PT, Oracle will be hosting multi-city events and live webcasts for the Java community  detailing the newest innovations for Java 7. The...

0 replies - 19491 views - 07/06/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Google Enters the Social Network Ring with Google+

The long-awaited social networking project from Google was revealed yesterday, dubbed Google+. It is not clear from whether or not the social network is aimed...

0 replies - 20543 views - 06/29/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Yahoo To Announce HortonWorks, A Hadoop Spinoff

This week, Yahoo plans to announce the creation a separate company called HortonWorks, based around the development and commercialization of Apache...

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Daily Dose: KDE SC 4.7 Release Candidate Now Available

The first release candidate for version 4.7 of the KDE Software Complilation has been announced, which is a development version of the next major release of...

0 replies - 16836 views - 06/27/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: ICANN Approves Generic Top-Level Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers granted approval to generic Top-Level Domains that they believe will be the new homes for brands in...

0 replies - 10088 views - 06/21/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose:Flex and Flash Builder Add iOS and Blackberry Support

Today, Adobe released an update to Flex and Flash Builder 4.5, adding support for Apple's iOS and Blackberry Tablet OS Flex Projects in addition to the support...

0 replies - 15260 views - 06/20/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: iOS5 Jailbroken only 1 Day After Reveal

Yesterday, Apple finally revealed it's newest mobile operating system: iOS 5. Now, less than 24 hours later, the hacking collective "Dev-Team" has...

0 replies - 14949 views - 06/07/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo Team Up to Improve Search

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are usually thought of as competitors in the web search market, but that changed today with a collaboration between the three...

1 replies - 22312 views - 06/02/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: LinkedIn Goes Public!

LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals, is going public! Selling at $45 per share, the 7.84 million shares total to an amazing $352.8...

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Correct Ruby Example With Google Data APIs

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